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Digital painting Bertrand de Miollis


Live painting and digital events for a VIP party, a convention, a product launch, a runway show or a private artistic commission?

The painter Bertrand de Miollis will design a customized live painting performance for you, to make an impact on hearts and minds. Live painting, live digital painting, a digital live show: the work of art is created before your eyes and shared immediately. On the web, of course.


For 10 years, Bertrand de Miollis has carried out innovative live painting performances within the context of upscale events. To his clients (private patrons, couture houses, high-end jewelry and watch makers, luxury hotels…), he offers digital artistic events tailored specifically for the occasion, down to the smallest detail. Paired with a predilection for the latest technologies, his unique artistic approach is based on energy, synthesis and a subtle perception of life and movement.



Live painting and digital events: the artist Bertrand de Miollis designs his live painting performances in three main formats:


This performance is particularly suited to seminars, conventions, runway shows. Bertrand’s digital palette allows him to create digital paintings and web series in real time, as part of a large-scale technological and artistic performance that is broadcast live on big screens. Product teasing, placing the brand’s logo in context, illustrated summary, … Through this digital event, Bertrand aims for total customization to create impact, to strengthen the brand’s reputation and increase its closeness to the customer. These artistic performances create quality web content with high viral potential, destined to generate buzz on social networks.

experience the digital live portrait
An exclusive and personal artistic performance, this format is particularly suited to VIP parties and excursions. Your guest receives his or her portrait by email and can share it immediately on social networks. The performance may also be broadcast on plasma screens (audio-visual equipment available upon request).

experience the digital live portrait
An artistic performance carried out with the utmost respect for the tradition of painting. The guest receives an original work, painted and signed by the artist in person on site (watercolor, drawing, pen or oils according to the brand’s request). He or she will also be invited to each of the artist’s private viewings.


With live painting and the artist Bertrand de Miollis, leave a lasting impression.

Capture and share the soul of your brand, your party, your interactions.

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